Desboro Fall Fair

Thank you to everyone who made the 154th Desboro Fall Fair a success!

We hope you will join us again next year. To all of the volunteers, Hats off to you, you did a great job!!

2012 WRAP-UP

The day started with lots of sun and perfect temperatures. The gates opened at 8:00 am. And people started arriving shortly after that. Our 4-H calf club show started at 10:00 am. There is always lots of excitement as the kids prepare to show their calves and abilities. The friendly competition, and experience of handling their calf in front of a crowd to win prizes, usually leaves these young people feeling confident and proud. As they should, it is always a great show. The 4-H calf club leaders certainly do a wonderful job.

The parade started at noon. This is another part of our fair that a lot of people enjoy. Never the same thing every year. Lots of imagination, thought and preparation go into all of the floats. Antique tractors and cars & trucks attract attention. With the people’s choice award,( the spectators vote for their for their favourite car, truck or tractor), these antiques get a close look from all ages. Prizes are paid to people judged to be the best in their category in the parade, floats, costumes, bicycle, tricycle and rider.

After the parade and the opening ceremonies the days activities begin. Judging of the livestock, the carnival tent opens, photo contests, & special events. Special events consist of things such as : face painting, frog jumping (bring your own frog), nail driving ,animal imitation, couples wheel barrow race, egg collecting, sack race, shoe kick, and a hool-a-hoop contest. There is always a great turn out of participants and spectators in these events. This year there were about 30 frogs in the frog jumping contest. This increases every year!

Field crops were thought to be low this year because of the weather but fortunately we a very good showing and many exhibitors in each category. The same can be said for the roots and vegetables. Another great showing and again lots in each category. The hot dry summer did not dry up all of the gardens.

Flowers as well were beautiful. This display makes the whole arena bright.

Canning, baking, art work, crafts, and quilts had an amazing display! There were so many participants in each category that there was a fear of running out of tables and room to display it all. This is what an agricultural fair is all about!!

It all comes down to the kids. These young people know how to have fun in the spirit of friendly competition. Our school fair grows every year. The enthusiasm, imagination and thirst for knowledge make the kids work a center of attraction. Not only are the kids involved in school, 4-H calf and potato clubs, they also get involved in the Agricultural Society. Some volunteer to help in our variety show, to get set up for the fair on work day and stay after the fair is over to help with the clean up. It is really nice to see so many young people get involved in agriculture.

At the end of the day, the 4-H potato auction took place. This is something that fair goers, bidders and of course, Potato club members look forward to. Each member stands beside their potatoes, on stage, as their potatoes are auctioned off to the highest bidder. A bid they do!! A great reward for a season of hard work and commitment.

This years theme “ Hats off to our Volunteers” was over due in honouring our many volunteers who put in so many hours, and offer a wide variety of talents.

I think the best part of a Fall Fair is to see so many smiles, hand shakes, hugs and congratulatory pats on the back. With so many things to do and see for all ages, it is no wonder our Fair is a success. The Ballogh Family from Teaswater performed in the arena during the afternoon. What a wonderful show!! Very enjoyable for all ages. We also give a prize to the youngest and the oldest person at the fair. The youngest was 10 months. The oldest 92 years. Thanks to all who attended and all who exhibited. We hope you will join us again next year. To all of the volunteers, Hats off to you, you did a great job!!