Desboro Fall Fair

DESBORO AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will be holding a "Modified Fall Fair" on Saturday, September 4, 2021. All events will be help outdoors and will commence @ 11:00 am.

Our 4-H Calf and Sheep Clubs will be holding their Achievment Day and Invitational Shows.

Check out the tractor pull being held behind the arena.

Musical entertainment will be under the trees southeast of ball diamond "A".

We are also expecting blacksmith and weaving demonstrations. Outer events may be added.

We are asking all that attend our fair to obey all safety protocols that will be in place for the day in regard to COVID-19. The arema will be open only for access to the washrooms and masks must be worn while in that area.

1. Dress like a storybook character
2. Dress like a clown
This event will take place on Ball Diamond "A" @ 11:30 am September 4th. Prizes will be awarded.

Admission to the fairgrounds will be by donation.

FIREWORKS We are working hard to provide fireworks at the Desboro Arena Grounds at at sunset on Saturday Sept 4, 2021. If this goeas ahead, please bring a chair and obey all safety protocols that will be in place in regard to COVID-19